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You are the most wonderful incredible director I've ever gotten to work with. You're electric; so vibrant, enthusiastic, and full of passionate excitement for the material we look at. The joy you bring to rehearsal is infectious.


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Director of Education

As the Director of Education at Stone Soup Theatre I focused my time on engaging young people in the arts, educating and invigorating conscientious and passionate arts educators, and creating relationships with organizations in need of creative opportunities for students.

"My kid was dreading this camp because she claimed she had stage fright. After picking her up on the first day, she said "I love this camp." And then the last day she said "I don't want this week to end." The counselors took a group of kids and united them to put on a great show - in five days. Thank you Stone Soup!"

Most recently, I have taught several K-2 online courses in music and improv at Genesee Hill Elementary, and a 3-5 Drama Class with the Northgate Community Learning Center.  

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